CranioSacral Therapy in San Diego



"After suffering from migraines for most of my life, I was no longer able to take the drugs that had relieved them. When that happened  three years ago, I was very concerned --and frightened.  My physician recommended Cranial-sacral therapy with Catherine Housseau, and I have not had a migraine headache since then, much to my skeptical amazement!   I continue to have her treatments regularly." 

                                                                    Blossom Sanger, M.D.(anesthesiologist, retired)

         Catherine Housseau's skill and expertise have been essential to my treatment of and recovery from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Catherine has tremendous understanding of human health and how it can be improved, For example, she was able to modify her treatment of me on the fly to incorporate information gleaned from my other medical professionals.  She is empathic, caring, effective, and deeply knowledgeable.  I would recommend her to anyone who asked.

                                                                                                                                         Michael Kimmit

Catherine is the pure essence of a healer. She truly has a rare of gift of helping people. It is hard to put into words the exceptional "therapy" she provides her patients.  Imagine experiencing a release of both physical and emotional discomfort. She truly showed me healing goes beyond fixing the issue at hand. This past year was the most challenging year of my life, due to a debilitating illness.  Growing up in the "Western world of medicine" I found myself being somewhat of a skeptic of alternative medicine, before meeting Catherine. I found this feeling was truly attributed to my naivetes of the unknown. Seeking this form of therapy was the pivotal action to my remission. She not only provided me the pain relief I so desperately needed, but the insight and growth for a continual path of health and happiness. I can't thank Catherine enough for all her healing, support, care, and compassion. She is unique in her approach to everyone depending on what you need. During some of my more challenging days, she took extra time with me just because she knew I needed it. You are not a number or just another patient to her.  I would highly recommend her to EVERYONE I promise you will walk away feeling like a new person. She truly makes a difference in everyone's lives she touches.                                                                                                                    Kelly Gleeson 

"I started going to Catherine at the suggestion of my husband, a firm believer in regular massages. Now I rely on her to rid my body of all its knots and kinks and I am so very thankful for the relaxation she brings to my life. Her passion for and knowledge of the  human body and holistic therapy has motivated me to take better care of myself. I feel so much healthier!  "                                                                                         Jeanet Dore  


 "I have been suffering with tight/weak muscles and an imbalance in my body for the last 5 years. During this time period I had unsuccessful surgery and have seen numerous doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and other health professionals with very limited results.  Then it was recommended to me to see someone who does Cranio-Sacral therapy, and thankfully, I found Catherine.  When I first met Catherine I could sense right away that she was special. Rather than just being a massage therapist, she is a healer who had the ability to detect exactly the origin of my problem. What surprised me was that though her treatments are very gentle, they are very powerful.  She has taught me that the path to healing is through relaxation and not trying to force things. What makes her most special, though, is her kindness and genuine concern. I always look forward to seeing her and would recommend her to anyone who wants to get results."                                                                                                     Ken Thiesse   


" Catherine is an outstanding massage therapist and a true healer. Of all the massage therapists I’ve tried,  she has provided the most relief. She has intuitive way of knowing which areas need the most attention, and an exceptional way of working that provides deep relaxation for mind and body. If you are looking for relief from stress and muscle tension, or just want to treat yourself to feel great, I highly recommend her. "                                                                                                                                Leslie Weiser

"I first started to see Catherine in Feb. 2013 due to symptoms that were still troubling me after a car accident I had in 2007; I had suffered head and neck injuries that caused me pain, difficulties to concentrate, and even difficulties swallowing due to scar tissues. After the first Craniosacral session with Catherine I was again able to swallow without difficulties. It also helped my eyes to adjust to outdoor light, reduce my pain and improve my concentration. I had seen other health professional for these conditions over the past six years, but Catherine was the first one who really helped me. I had recommended her to family and friends."                                         Soledad Noland

"Catherine is one of the most intuitive massage therapist and a true healer. Using an integrated approach that includes Craniosacral and Energy work, I feel very balanced and rejuvenated after each session versus the "out of it" feeling you get from some massage approaches. Her massage therapy is a wonderful  addition to an Health regimen for mind-body health.                                                            Sarah Berger

"Catherine’s use of Craniosacral therapy has been the most powerful method I have tried in my quest to deal with a life-long problem with depression. I feel much more energetic and have an increasingly positive outlook.  I am more physically integrated and at ease in my body.  My day-to-day activities flow in a way I have not experienced before. Catherine is a true healer, embodying a deep understanding of Craniosacral technique with a profound spiritual sensitivity. 

I recommend her highly to everyone I know."                                  Pete Nolan

I call Catherine a healer. She has the ability to help you find your own inner strength and peace..Catherine helped me release grief and sadness through her massage, healing hands and amazing gift  of energy work by guiding me to find myself.                                                                                                              Ellen Lopez

" I first went to Catherine at the suggestion of my doctor for headaches I was experiencing.  My doctor said “She has magic hands.”  That was clearly an understatement.  Catherine has a great awareness of the body and an understanding of how to promote healing from within.  In addition to the cranial sacral work for my headaches when necessary, she spends time each visit figuring out exactly what spots on my body need work, which in addition to being very thorough, really makes you feel catered to.  Catherine also promotes a warm, friendly, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.  My weekly appointments definitely take me away from the stress of work and the outside world and into a state of peace. I simply can’t recommend her highly enough."